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How to choose industrial equipment lubricants?

Release date:2017-05-11   

Industrial equipment lubricants should be chosen. In general, the equipment manufacturer shall provide the lubricating oil for all parts of the equipment in its manual, and the equipment lubrication manager shall select the oil product according to the requirements of the equipment specification. Often due to:
1. Some equipment specifications are inconsistent or no oil is required.
2. The specification stipulates that oil is backward.
3. For various reasons, it is not possible to use oil in accordance with the specification (for example, foreign oil products recommended by imported equipment are difficult to buy in China or domestic oil should be used for domestic production). Oil can be selected as follows.
1. Selected according to the operating conditions of the equipment.
1. With large load load, the oil with high viscosity, oil or extreme pressure is selected; Low load, low viscosity oil; In the case of larger impact, it should also choose oil products with large viscosity and excellent pressure.
2. High speed selection and low viscosity oil, low speed components can choose oil with larger viscosity, but for oil products with anti-wear additives, it is not necessary to overemphasize the high viscosity.
3. Temperature and temperature are divided into environmental temperature and working temperature. Low ambient temperature, choose viscosity and point (or pour point) low lubricating oil, and vice versa; High working temperature, high viscosity, high flash point, good oxidation stability, and even the choice of solid lubricant; If the temperature range is large, we should choose the lubricating oil with good viscosity-temperature characteristics (high viscosity index).
4. Humidity of the environment and the working conditions of contact with water in humid environment and more contact with water, it should be used for lubricating oil with better resistance to emulsification, oil and rust prevention.
Ii. Recommended selection of oil for reference equipment.
The oil product recommended by the equipment specification can be used as the main reference for oil selection, but it should be noted that as the technology progresses, the inferior oil products will be gradually phased out, and the reasonable selection of high-grade oil products is economical. Therefore, even the old equipment should not continue to use the rejected inferior oil products; The lubricating oil of imported and advanced equipment shall be based on domestic products.
3. Select the lubricating oil variety and viscosity grade according to the application.
Domestic lubricants are named according to the application situation, composition and characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the group according to the application situation, and then determine the variety and viscosity grade according to the working conditions.
In the lubrication management, after the selection of oil products generally should avoid substitution or mixing. However, the following principles should be mastered when a supply or other reason has to be substituted for or mixed with oil.
1. Only oil products with similar oil or similar properties and similar additives can be used or mixed.
2, substitute oil viscosity with no more than the original oil viscosity of 25% advisable, usually can use a larger substitute oil viscosity, but viscosity of hydraulic oil, spindle oil, appropriate chooses lower substitute product.
3. The quality can only be low in high generation, not high in low generation. For machines with large working temperature changes, they can only be treated with sticky temperature. Low temperature environment choose generation of oil and its solidifying point and pour point should be lower than working temperature 10 ℃; High temperature work should be selected with high flash point, oxidation stability and thermal stability.
4, due to different manufacturer production of lubricating oil of the same name, the add additive may be different, therefore, in the old oil mixed with different manufacturer production of new oil before, it's best to do a mixture test, namely to 1:1 mixed heating mixer, observation, such as no odor, such as precipitation anomalies before mixing.

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