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The function and performance of the improver in lubricating oil

Release date:2017-04-15   

Adding improver in lube can improve the natural performance of base oil.
The modifier can be divided into three categories:
1. Viscosity index improver (VII)
2. Pour point depressant (PPD)
3. Seal - expansion control agent.
The role of three modifiers and their properties and working principles.
1. Viscosity index improver (VII)
Role: modifier.
Such a modifier allows the base oil to maintain its viscosity level within a larger temperature range.
The viscosity index improver is a long chain polymer and copolymer of iso-butenate, paraffin or alkylated styrene. They can improve the performance of base oils at high temperatures.
Working principle:
In cold temperatures, the viscosity index improver keeps shrinking and does not affect the flow of base oil. However, when the temperature is high, the viscosity index improver will be dispersed into a network, limiting the liquidity of the base oil, thus reducing the influence of temperature on the base oil viscosity.
Viscosity modifier can increase the thickness of low viscosity base oil and increase the viscosity index of lubricating oil.
2. Pour point depressant (PPD)
Role: modifier.
The pour point depressant can keep the basic materials flowing at low temperature.
Such modifiers include polymethacrylate or alkyl naphthalene. They can improve the performance of base oil at low temperature.
Working principle:
At low temperature, a small amount of dissolved wax is crystallized in the base oil treated with refining to thicken the base oil. Pour point depressant can reduce the formation of crystals and keep the lubricant flowing.
3. Seal - expansion control agent.
Role: modifier.
Seal - expansion control prevents oil from leaking from gaskets and seals.
The modifier is made from organic ester and only slightly inflated with tight fit.
Working principle:
This additive is injected into the sealing ring, which can expand the rubber structure slightly and help prevent oil leakage.

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