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Kydar Trading Co. Ltd. was established in 2000 as a specialized sales agent, with the main products of CASTROL, CASTROL, CASTROL, KENNAMETAL Kennan Tools series, WIDMA five-axis grinder, etc.

Business focus covers: aerospace, automotive parts, precision electronics, general machinery, precision moulds, etc. It has become a supplier of designated or preferred suppliers in Chinese factories and large manufacturing factories, and has built a long-term stable relationship of cooperation.

We provide quick and efficient pre-sale and after-sale services to a wide range of users, while providing customers with personalized programmes to rationalize costs and enhance product competitiveness.

Our sincere hope is not just good products, but also excellent technology and service

The series of products of Kashing Multi-industrial lubricants include: hydraulic oil, gearbox, guided oil, circulatory oil, etc. of hydraulic oil, water-cutting fluid, solvent type, water-solvent cleaning agent, and various types of rust-proof.

Kashi Multi-car lubricants products include engine oil, gear oil, brake oil, lubricants, etc.

Kashingdot special lubricants products include: high temperature chain oil, rolling oil, high temperature slipper oil, synthetic gear oil, etc.

Kenna cutter products include: car cutting, milling, hole processing, various types of knife handle and non-customized products.

WIDMA five axis grinder products include RX 5 + VX 5 and VX 5

  • 8th Floor,Building7,Wanda Plaza, Kunshan city

  • 0512-57752069

  • http://www.oss-yogya.com

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